Hello there! 👋
I'm Simon Hesjevik,

a web developer based in Trondheim, Norway. I'm passionate about game development and have been managing my own game studio for the past four years.

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Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

2018 - 2020

Bachelors degree in Computer Science. Specialization in Graphics Programming.

Malvik Videregående Skole

2013 - 2016

Specialization in General Studies Vg1, Natural Science and Mathematics Studies Vg2, Natural Science and Mathematics Studies Vg3, General university admissions certification.

Vue & Nuxt

I have worked with Vue and Nuxt extensively over the past three years to create both small scale embedded web apps and enterprise sized system tools.

Google Cloud

I have used Google Cloud to host projects from university utilizing most of its services including App Engine, Compute Engine, Google SQL and more.


I have used docker to dockerize single page applications, express servers and video game servers.

Asp.NET Core & Blazor

I have used Asp.NET Core to create backend APIs hosted on both Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure as well as Blazor's frontend capabilities to make various web sites. I have also used SignalR to create websocket connections between users.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript & PHP

I have used HTML, CSS, JavaScript & PHP to create complex websites such as online stores, blogs and more. I have also used JavaScript together with Three.js and WebGL to make 3D environments and animations.

Unity Engine

I have over five years of experience with the Unity Engine with two games released on steam and multiple other working prototypes.


I have used Jenkins together with BitBucket and Docker to create a pipeline library used by multiple repositories to simplify the configuration process of new projects.

C++, OpenGL & Glut

I have used C++ together with OpenGL to create my own 3D Game Engine and to make simple games from the ground up. I have also used C++ implemented my own multi-thread safe custom memory allocator.


I have used python in AI using various techniques such as reinforcement learning, advanced heuristics, pathfinding, bayesian particle filters and more.

Unit Testing

I have worked in teams that utilize Test Driven Development together with unit testing frameworks like Jasmine, NUnit, JUnit and XUnit.

Svelte & SvelteKit

I have used SvelteKit to create both small- and large-scoped websites.